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Company Overview

SeaData is a consulting and professional services company in the area of Big Data, Cloud Services and Open Source Databases.

We are one stop shop delivering full data solution from the design and architecture phase, technology match, optimizing cost and sizing, installation and setup, elastic scale, development, performance tuning, high availability, backup and recovery and 24×7 Support .

We are expert in the leading data technologies and match the best solution to the customer or project use case. We use mainly open source technologies to reduce cost and enjoy the advanced technologies developed by the community.

  • Our favorite and expertise operating system is Linux – Ubuntu and centos
  • Our Relational database RDBMS are MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Real Time No SQL databases – Cassandra, Elasticsearch, Couchbase and mongo DB.


  • Big Data Platforms – Hadoop, Google Big Query and Amazon Athena.
  • Analytic Databases – Vertica, Exasol and Redshift.


We are able to reduce your data services costs by 10’s percent and in the same time improve the performance significantly.

We are migrating enterprise traditional databases such as Oracle and SQL server to Free MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases.

Real time, IOT and streaming application based on Traditional databases to much faster and free NoSQL Databases.

Converting – Traditional Huge Data warehouses to Free Hadoop Platform on commodity servers instead of expensive server and storage.

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