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Migrate to google cloud

What is Google cloud migration? Essentially, migrating the data, applications and other elements of your business to a google cloud based computing platform.

Not all google cloud migrations are equal, however.  Transferring applications and data from a on-site data center and server to the unsecured google  cloud is certainly one type of migration which companies with non-sensitive operations might undertake. However, it is just as likely for cloud migration to involve migration from one type of cloud to another – typically one that offers specialized security or services relevant to that specific data type. Finally, although the trend is for more and more activities to relocate from the google cloud, unclouding, where data and applications are relocated back to an onsite server.

migrate to postgresql

Migrating your database for MySQL to postgresql is a big step to take – but it may well be an essential base as migration to postgresql is being taken up with alacrity by more and more companies, just as migrations to google cloud are intensifying. However, one should keep in mind a few pointers about the differences between the two databases before taking the plunge and migrating to postgresql

  • For on-premise hosting of postgresql, bare metal hosts (in contrast to Virtual Machines) are by far the optimal choice for hosting PostgreSQL.
  • For cloud, such as google cloud hosting, make sure the IOPS allocated to the cloud host is matches the database activity level.

Migrate to rds

Interested in migrating your database to rds? You are not alone. Given the rising popularity of Amazon cloud, many are making the same choice. However, the key question involved in migrating to rds is how to do so while minimizing or eliminating downtime. The best practice answer seems to be to implement a workaround to avoid the RDS outage limitations. Let us know if this works for you!

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