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Business intelligence consultant

What is it that a business intelligence consultant actually does, aside from collect an indecently large paycheck? Well, he needs to do quite a bit actually to earn said paycheck. Among other services the business intelligence consultant needs to be prepared to:

  • Deliver expert consultation on design, development and implementation of analytics systems, including Business Intelligence.
  • Model and design big data and data warehousing systems
  • Prepare BI analysis and reporting procedures and applications.


In addition, the business intelligence consultant must also be prepared to serve as technical backup to business teems whenever it is required, as well as oversee business meetings and determine project milestones and technical requirements.



business intelligence and analytics

What separates the sheep from the goats? Winners from losers? Companies that succeed from companies that fail? In the world of IT and big data, the answer is all to frequently the skill of the business intelligence consultant they employ to oversee their business intelligence and analytics. This is simply the way it is – in the hyper competitive environment which characterizes business today, especially in IT, even the smallest edge can be the difference between success and extinction.

So that said, what is business intelligence and analytics? Simply put, it is the provision of actionable intelligence that enables managers, executives and other business decision makers to make the decisions that are optimal for their business whether that involves spotting new business opportunities, cutting costs, or pinpointing slack and suboptimal processes that need to be put up to par. Where is all the data that is being crunched stored? That is where the concept of a big data warehouse comes in.


big data warehouse


Traditional data warehousing structures are designed to render data accessible and actionable for decision makers and analysts. However the explosion in data quantities is rendering these structures obsolete. Increasingly, Business Intelligence and Analysts Consultants are urging companies to revamp their structures to include both big data technologies traditional data warehouse architectures into a single integrated whole. It is this combination of both types of data management into one which distinguishes the big data warehouse.

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