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Big data cloud

Big data and cloud computing have long since become mainstream. But their integration into the big data cloud has the IT industry in an uproar. After all, while cloud computing is all about the infrastructure, whereas big data is about mechanisms for processing vast amounts of information. Combine the two and the beneficial impact on the organization is multiplied.


Effectively, both technologies aim to reduce the ongoing cost of the company while increasing its revenues. Cloud provides a platform on which local software operates, while big data helps business operators to make the decisions which are right for their business, the integrated big data cloud.


Big data cloud services

2020 is upon us and for many businesses, this is the year in which they will have to make a fateful choice: migrate their big data business analytics to the big data cloud – or consign themselves to the dustbin of history and eventually perish.

This choice might seem stark, but the fact of the matter is that any business that wishes to remain competitive will have to migrate to the big data cloud. Bid data cloud services are more than just a competitive edge – they are a paradigm shift in how businesses are run, and a harbinger of extinction for digital dinosaurs who refuse to heed the clarion call of the future. But what kind of big data cloud services should business owners be on the lookout for?

Big data consulting

A reputable big data consulting firm is probably your best bet on how to identify the ideal services which will enable you to ride the big data cloud to success.

However, the three top big data cloud services your company should look into for inspiration include:

  • Redshift – The Amazon Web Services data warehouse). Essentially, just as Amazon stores physical products in its warehouses, it also stores big  data in its digital warehouses, and makes it accessible for analysis with traditional business intelligence tools. 
  • Amazon EMR – supports, Hadoop and other open source big data tools such as Flink, Presto, HBase and Apache Spark.
  • Microsoft Azure’s HDInsight. Also supports many open source big data tools, including as R, HBase, Storm, Kafka, LLAP, Hive, Spark and Hadoop,
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